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Alina Dumitrescu

Customer Success Manager

About Alina

Alina has worked for Travelport since 2005, and she arrived in the travel industry after responding to a job advert asking “Do you speak English, German, Spanish and are you passionate about travel?”. From there she got thrown words like SSR, advance purchase, OSI, exchanges, direct access and learned not only to understand them, but also how to bring a best practice approach to working with them. While already speaking several languages, she had to learn a new one, the GDS language.

Starting at Travelport was the beginning of a journey which would challenge and teach her about what sits behind the word “travel”. Not enough to have mastered the GDS world, she challenged herself again and joined the API support team, as an API Analyst - a world where SOAP has a different meaning. So, 15 years later, Alina is working with some of the biggest customers in the online space like eDreams ODIGEO, helping them shape the future of travel, engaging with them as they adopt our products, supporting their growth, demonstrating to them the power of our APIs and automation.

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