Peggy Bianco

5 ways Travelport can help you boost bookings and revenues on our platform

June 26, 2019

At Travelport, we’re constantly innovating our platform and services to help hoteliers improve your content, promote your content, and retail your content globally. If you just see us as another distribution partner, it’s a great time to pause, take stock, and discover some of the new and exciting ways Travelport can deliver new value for your business.

While we still do a great job of distributing your content to approximately 220,000 high-value travel buyers around the world, we are also constantly innovating our platform to help you deliver rich, compelling, consumer-ready content that maximizes your conversion rates and revenues on our platform.

Here are 5 key ways that we add value for your business and help you to maximize revenues on our platform:

  1. We help you optimize your content and communicate the unique value of your rooms and rates to travel bookers

Selling effectively requires you to outline the unique value of your product, however legacy distribution tools sometimes make this difficult, or even impossible. As well as using capital letters and crowded, complex screens, you may be unable to include information about all the amenities at your hotels, or all the details of your rates and offers – including information such as whether breakfast, free parking, or other extras are included.

To ensure you can communicate the unique value of your properties, rooms and rates to customers, we use scorecards and audits to assess the quality and completeness of your content, and let you know if you can improve it in any way.

  1. We help you ensure that your content is compelling and consumer ready

Our goal at Travelport is to present your brand, rooms, rates and offers in a way you’d want to see them, as you do on your own website. To do that, we use modern APIs that support full descriptions of your amenities and offers, photos of your properties, and other features that make your content highly compelling, competitive, and truly ‘consumer ready’.

In the past, agencies who wanted to access this kind of content would have needed a ‘direct connect’ into your own back-end systems. The fact that Travelport can present rich content on our platform makes this unnecessary, saving costs and reducing your management requirements.

  1. We help you successfully promote your rooms and rates to a global audience of high-frequency travel bookers

Working with Travelport, our hotel clients can run creative campaigns to actively promote rooms and rates to our global community of approximately 220,000 high-frequency travel bookers.

In particular, we can send promotional marketing messages to agents’ desktops when they sign in at the beginning of a session, and send emails to their inboxes to promote your rooms and offers. We can also prioritise your rooms and rates at the top of agents’ search results, increasing visibility of your offers on our platform, helping you maximize conversion and revenues on our platform.

For every ‘campaign’ you run to promote your rooms and rates to agents in this way, we’ll provide a detailed ROI report. That way, you can see how effectively our digital marketing and advertising has been and it will be easy to make a business case for the next campaign with us.  

  1. We help you increase incremental revenues based on higher attachment rates

Agents booking air segments on our platform are prompted to add a hotel booking to the PNR. With 335 million distribution segments booked on our platform in 2018, and 45 hospitality bookings for every 100 air tickets sold, we can help you optimize your attachment rates and deliver significant additional revenue streams for your business.

  1. We help you optimize your business strategy based on technology innovations and data insights

At Travelport, we are constantly innovating to help hoteliers optimize your business strategy and achieve the best commercial outcomes. Currently, we are creating a business intelligence engine for hotels that will allow you to assess your competitive performance in key regions, areas, or at an individual property level. You will also be able to assess the competitiveness of your offers and pricing compared to competing chains and properties and make adjustments to increase your success.

We are pioneering a wide range of other innovations to help your business succeed, including hotel ancillary sales capabilities, loyalty scheme features that sign up travelers at the point of booking, and – in the future – Attribute Based Selling capabilities for distributing hotel content that will give hoteliers greater commercial flexibility and help you create and personalize offers for your customers.

We hope we’ve inspired you to talk to your Travelport account manager and take your partnership with us to the next level. If you don’t yet partner with Travelport, we can also help you onboard onto our platform quickly and with no risk to your normal operations.