Enhance your customer experiences
Matthew Webb

Enhance your customer experiences at all six stages of the travel journey

November 7, 2018

Travel is a life-changing experience for most of us, and going on holiday can also be a significant financial investment. For these reasons, travelers want to deal with agencies that understand their dreams and desires, and help them have the amazing travel experiences they’re looking for. 

The good news is that advanced data analytics technologies can help. They give you a deeper understanding of your customers; enhance their experiences at all six stages of their travel journey. Not only that, they can also help you maximize lifetime customer revenue. Here’s how: 

1)    Inspire your customers from their very first search.

Start inspiring your customers from their very first search, which is typically 80 days before they travel.

By analyzing data such as industry shopping trends, web data and customer buying histories, you can create offers that inspire customers from their very first search. You can also push personalized offers out to them at just when they are most likely to book – typically around 80 days before they travel. 
Inspiring customers at the earliest possible time can help you reduce your spending on Google Ads and other “blanket” advertising media. You can also understand when to deliver offers and make better “start-stop” decisions for campaigns. And that means lower overall customer acquisition costs for your business. 

2)    Deliver the best shopping experience with highly relevant offers.
To enhance customers’ online shopping experiences, you need to treat your travellers personally and individually each time. Through persona analysis relevant content can be displayed to remove friction that can be applied to flight, hotel, car and more.
As well as increasing your conversion rates, this approach allows travelers to simply select their travel options from the relevant suggestions you’ve provided. This takes the friction out of the shopping process, saving them time, increasing convenience and helping you win their loyalty. 

3)    Enhance the booking experience based on “best value”. 

By analyzing industry data and using it to inform your pricing decisions, you can create “best value” offers for customers and create confidence. You can analyse historical price points to forecast and predict where pricing is going so your customers know whether they should wait, buy now or get a better recommendation. 
By becoming a trusted advisor to your customers, and saving them money, you can build strong, trust-based relationships that last a lifetime. 

4)    Add even more value for travelers with pre-trip interactions.

Pre-trip sales opportunities represent a potential $6 billion dollar market, which is not being fully exploited.

Travelport research has found that travelers accepting just one marketing offer before they travel could generate half a billion dollars in revenue each month. This is equal to a $6 billion dollar market that is not currently being fully exploited.
To tap into the opportunity, you can create exciting pre-trip marketing campaigns that re-engages your customers with relevance all the way up to the point of travel. 

5)    Shape and enhance travelers’ in-trip experiences. 
With the right data, strategy and partner, you can target travelers with personalized offers while they are away. This means you can tap into travelers’ holiday spending budgets, which are now worth an average of $5,000+.
In particular, you should be recommending local activities, events and even restaurants that are appropriate based on their persona needs and preferences, enhancing their travel experiences and opening new revenue streams. Importantly collecting the usage data to better shape the next experience. 

6)    Build profitable customer relationships that last a lifetime.
Streaming services such as Netflix show us what we should be watching next, Amazon recommends what else we should be buying and Spotify suggests what else we should be listening to. They can do this because they understand the type of person we are and can see what others like us are doing. Now, we can do the same with travel, based on customer personas and travel intent and capturing what is working and what isn’t you will be armed with the intelligence to inspire, excite and engage your customers.

By understanding customers’ changing needs and building personalized offers and marketing plans, previous return-on-trip measures of success will become a thing of the past. Instead, we will be working towards a “return-on-customer” model where you retain customers and win their loyalty over an entire lifetime of travel. 

To tap into the data opportunity, and maximize your lifetime customer revenues, contact us today or visit here.