Stephen Matise

Enhance your customers’ experiences and increase conversion with Travelport’s new car content

October 16, 2018

When booking cars, customers want more choice and more value, all at the lowest possible cost. To help you meet and exceed their expectations, and deliver the best car experiences, Travelport has brought a range of new, value-added car content and functionality into our Travel Commerce Platform.

The story’s all too familiar. A corporate traveler books a flight with you, but no car. They did check your car offers, but you just couldn’t match the variety or value they found on that third-party retail site.

As well as a missed revenue opportunity, car bookings outside your agency create headaches for your corporate clients, increasing the risk of non-compliance with their travel policies. What if you could offer more choice of car offers to convert more searches into bookings? What if you could match or beat pricing on discount car sites? And what if you could help your customers meet their duty of care requirements for travelers on trips?

Now you can.

Working with leading car rental partners, Travelport has onboarded a wide range of new car content and functionality onto the Travelport Travel Commerce Platform. Crucially, this includes a range of new, value-added car content to help you maximize conversion. And you also get pre-paid negotiated rates on the Travelport platform, allowing you to compete with rates on sites and aggregator sites; now bookable from within your usual workflow.

Unique value for your clients

Our new car content, which has been added to our platform from Auto Europe, gives your clients far more choice. We’ve added more than 80 new regional and niche providers, extending car rental options for your customers in Europe, Latin American and East Asia. All of these new providers offer prepaid rentals, which are always in high demand.

These new providers and car options allow you to meet the needs of your travelers wherever they need to go. Equally importantly, you can extend the same quality and duty of care that your clients get with their air segments to cars, making life easier and less stressful for corporate travel managers. You can also ensure that travelers are properly supported while they’re away, again giving them the best possible experience.

And it’s only the beginning…

Using the latest technologies, Travelport was able to onboard Auto Europe’s car content and functionality into our platform extremely quickly. This paves the way for future content expansion projects that will helps your business deliver more customer value and maximize your car revenues.

With Auto Europe’s high-value car content loaded into our platform, we’re now looking to create new content partnerships that add even more value for your customers and your business. With access to more content and highly competitive pre-paid rates, you can deliver even better customer experiences, grow your car revenues, and increase your competitive advantage.  

For more information about our new content and functionality, and how you can use it to provide great car experiences for your customers and drive your revenues, contact us.