Stephen Matise

Helping car rental companies optimize content, maximize conversion, and boost content-management efficiency

June 27, 2019

Travelport is constantly innovating our platform to help car rental companies connect with us more easily, optimize content to increase conversion rates, and streamline content management to reduce workloads and costs. And with a new cloud platform and natural language recognition on our short-term roadmap, there are more reasons than ever to extend your partnership with us.

As a major distributor of car content, Travelport helps car rental companies sell to around 220,000 travel agents globally. With 107 million car rental days booked last year on behalf of hundreds of thousands of travelers, Travelport is a key partner and channel to market for your business.

But while our global distribution capabilities are supporting your success, we’re also innovating our platform and toolset to help your business continue to grow and thrive. By partnering with us more closely, you can take advantage of these innovations to optimize your content and drive conversion, reduce time and costs associated with uploading and maintaining your content, and support fast and simple booking experiences on any device.

Boost your success with our new cloud platform
Travelport is currently building a state-of-the-art cloud platform and transactional API for car distribution and retailing. This is optimized for online and mobile bookings, enabling you to deliver the consistently excellent services today’s agents and end-customers want. The platform is also fully compliant with OTA standards, allowing you to deliver your rich content to all the major online platforms quickly and cost effectively, and to represent your brand as you want it to be seen on all of them.

Critically, our new platform will dramatically improve the search and booking experiences for agents and customers based on caching technology, which speeds up response times and reduced loads on your systems. Current estimates suggest that caching of search results will reduce customer requests by around 50%, helping you improve performance and lower processing and storage costs.

Connect with us efficiently and easily
Travelport gives you a single API for uploading content to our platform globally, and for maintaining it on an ongoing basis. Coding to this API means that you can push changes to your dynamic content into our system, making the process much more efficient.  This efficiency can mean minimizing development times and costs for your organization, helping you reduce your operating expenses and improve your bottom line.

Optimize your content and boost your bookability
As an additional benefit, our API allows you to make your content more complete and consumer friendly. With consumer grade content displayed and optimized across all channels, more information about your ancillaries and offers can be displayed, helping you to express the unique value of your proposition to agents and end customers.

In the near future, we will also be adding ‘natural language processing’ capabilities to our platform. This will provide templates and workflows that translate your content into local languages around the world – helping you enhance agent and end-customer experiences and maximize your conversion rates on our platform.

Achieve the best commercial outcomes with Travelport
At Travelport, we are constantly innovating to help you connect with us more easily, optimize your content, and retain control of your branding on our platform. By investing in these key focus areas, we can ultimately help you boost conversion and revenues on our platform, and achieve the best commercial outcomes for your business.

To find out more about the unique ways we deliver value for your brand, or to discuss your distribution and content optimization needs and challenges visit travelport.com/together