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Travelport UK Interns

Internship Top Tips

September 11, 2018

With their 12 month internship under their belt, last year’s interns share their top tips:

  • Be open-minded, flexible and ready to learn. You will make mistakes but your willingness to learn from those will determine your success at Travelport. Everyone is extremely willing to help your development. 
  • Have something that sets you out from other candidates. Doing relevant work looks a lot better if you have done it in your free time. 
  • At the assessment centre, talk to everyone, not just other candidates.
  • Show that you have a personality as well as intelligence and attitude. My team look for personality and someone who will be enjoyable to work with. Show that you are not shy in sharing your opinions and beliefs
  • Be honest about what you know, and more importantly what you do not know. Be honest about your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses.
  • Go into the placement year with an open mind willing to learn and seek advice from experienced colleagues who have been there and done it!

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