Travelport UK Interns

Meet the returners!

September 11, 2018

For many, an internship at Travelport doesn't just end after your year-long stay with us. Many of our interns return to Travelport to full-time employment. Take a read of four of our returners, and their life at Travelport.

Emily Twigg
For me, the people at Travelport are a massive reason as to why I am returning. You are constantly surround by great people who genuinely care about you and are always willing to go out of their way to support your development. As an Intern I was given the opportunity to make a real impact on the company, as well as gaining valuable skills and achieving things I never thought I would, which I hope to continue into my graduate role. A big learning for me would be to get as involved as you can, the more you put into your placement, the more you get out.

Ibrahim Ahmed
I’ve returned to Travelport because during my time as an intern for 13 months I was involved in a new and exciting project which had daily challenges and I was constantly busy. During that time I also had the opportunity to work with offshore teams globally. I had access to Smartpoint for 13 months and have been able to get used to the platform really well. These were reasons why I have returned because I already have knowledge of the project and have settled well with the Rail team. By coming back I hope to achieve and improve on my professional skills now that I am not a student intern anymore so everything is scaled and there is more responsibility.

The people in Travelport are very welcoming and the culture is very easy and comfortable to settle in. There are always activities to partake in which helps meeting other Travelport employees.

Luke Cheetham
I returned to Travelport after staying on an extra month with a different team to the one I did my internship with. I had a fantastic opportunity to take on a different role and in the end found that this was something in which I was passionate. The work within the team is rewarding and the culture suits me perfectly. Travelport have given me the opportunity to continue my learning by sponsoring me to complete a Master’s Degree, I hope to achieve this and gain a professional qualification over the coming years.

April Palmer
I returned to Travelport because I saw it as a great opportunity to further develop both personally and professionally in an environment I know I enjoy. Moving to a different team within finance will mean I get to broaden my experiences built during my placement, and the supportive culture will aid me towards my goal of completing my ACCA qualification. I know that TP will help me progress in my career and are interested in my personal growth as much as the work I do, which I think makes a great place to work!