Part time paddy
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Part-time Paddy

September 20, 2018

Following a very rewarding and successful internship programme as a Strategy Intern @ Travelport, I was thrilled to receive an offer to extend my employment with Travelport in the form of a part-time Product Analyst role.

Previously I assisted the Agency Commerce team in a Strategy position. During this time, my day to day duties included using data analytics to form useful insights for the benefit of current and potential clients as well as developing Excel models to increase internal efficiency. A goal I set at the beginning of my internship was to understand the recruitment process from an employer’s point of view. With this goal, my line manager invited me to assist with the recruitment of my replacement intern. In this role I was involved at every stage, I even got to interview applicants as well as develop and run an Excel test during the Assessment Centre.

While interning @ Travelport, I stepped forward for many other projects. I took a lead role in the intern charity fundraising as part of the CSR programme and I benefitted greatly from the exposure this gave me. The intern group exceeded everyone’s expectations, raising over £18,000. I also helped plan and run the CEO’s annual Top 100 Leadership event. This role involved negotiating with suppliers, managing logistics and delivering a presentation to the top 100. I was thrilled to receive great exposure to the most senior of colleagues and I feel I made the most out of the opportunities that came my way during my placement year.

I am now very excited to take on my new role, which will involve the selling, demoing and improvement of Travelport’s data products. I am fortunate to have a flexible contract which enables me to synchronously complete my final year of university as well.