Travelport Live
Phil Donathy

Travelport Live - Oman - Live poll results

October 13, 2017

We recently held our customer event in Oman inviting travel providers and resellers to network and share ideas about how the industry is evolving. During the sessions, we asked some live polling questions the results of which are quite impressive. 

First up we asked, what were the most important trends for your business - from a sample of 78, we found the speed of response, was the most important with just over a third of customers (35.95%) listing it.  Next up was seamless customer experience at 23.08%, content 17.95%, personalisation 12.82% and automation at 10.26%.  It’s interesting that in an increasingly mobile-focused world - speed and experience had over 60% of the vote we are all increasingly looking for instant responses and frictionless experiences. This hypothesis is backed up by the fact that from a sample of 70 responses. 97.14% said Yes sub-second response was valuable for their most convenient search options. Customising search criteria to serve better the needs of customers using tools like Travelport Search control console is a useful start towards personalisation, but it’s not the end state.  

When we asked more specifically about plans to personalise in the online space from a sample of 68, we found around a quarter 27.94% are already offering some form of personalisation, however, most interestingly 69.12 had plans to personalise their online results. This could represent a significant opportunity, as the more you refine the search; the faster response rates can be due to reducing the universal of search options. 

Another exciting opportunity that that emerged was the high proportion of users who expressed interest in offering Travelers branded fare information online through their online sites with 70.49% planning to provide this from a sample size of 61. It’s interesting to see how more online agents see this as a real revenue opportunity. A way to offer a fulling integrated experience not pushing the traveller too to add these merchandising offers post booking.