Girls in technology
Robert West-Atkinson

Travelport supports Girls in Technology

February 12, 2018

On the 2nd of February, Travelport hosted a ‘Girls in technology’ event in support of the Travelport Cares and Travelport ID programs. Travelport ID focuses on building an inclusive and diverse culture within the company. Whereas Travelport Cares focuses on helping our colleagues, make a difference within the community, via education, environmental or charity initiatives.  Working with our partner, Learn to Work and a team of volunteers, the event was built around encouraging girls to see what opportunities there were for them in the technology sector.

As Travelport ID sponsor, Stephen Shurrock kick-started the event and emphasised that how gender shouldn’t affect what career path somebody chooses and that girls can succeed just as well as boy can especially in technology.

Girls from four local schools took part in a variety of workshops, including Grill the expert, Industry Insight and ‘Developing your personal brand’. These workshops gave the local children an opportunity to find out how the volunteers got to where they are, what career paths they took and how it feels to work in, what is perceived to be a male-dominated sector and of course how successful you can be.

Commenting on how great the event was Phillipa from Slough and Eton Business and Enterprise College said “I’m really glad to have come to Travelport and seeing what career choices there are. I liked seeing the bit about the chat bot – it was fun seeing all the coding. I didn’t realize how cool it is.”


On volunteering and becoming a mentor for the Girls in Technology event Phoebe Collison, Digital Insights Analyst, Travelport Digital said: “Getting involved with the Girls in Technology event was just as rewarding for me as I’m sure it was for the students. Seeing how engaged the girls gave me a real sense of helping them shape the future of the technology industry, one which will hopefully become more female-centric in the coming years.”

As the day came to an end, Gordon Wilson acknowledged and thanked the Travelport volunteers for giving up their time and summarised the day in saying “It’s really important that businesses like Travelport show how vital it is that girls can succeed just as well as boys in the technology sector.”