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Market Intelligence Analyst - 10 Month Internship

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9th Jun, 2020

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Commercial Operations

Employment type

Fixed Term Contractor - Full Time

Market Intelligence & Customer Experience Analyst – Internship

Timely and accurate market intelligence plays a major part in our strategic planning and decision making, if you’re keen to be part of a hugely exciting transformation piece, keep reading!

You will engage in research and analysis of relevant market information, develop reports and manage the team’s channels of communication to ensure we’re sharing the right content with the right audience in a timely manner. You will be exposed to various research projects that involve internal collaboration across departments along with the external use of industry sources.

What will you be doing?

  • Through data-driven processes to conduct an in-depth analysis of current and future markets including market size, growth and share, key players, business models, dynamics, value chain analysis, etc.
  • Support the Market Intelligence managers in creating high-quality research summaries with thought-provoking analysis and to effectively communicate findings and actionable recommendations
  • Produce training pieces for the commercial function
  • Work in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Collect and share market insights by combining market understanding (e.g. market size, market forecasts, technology trends, segmentation, etc.) and customer insights
  • Track and analyze news on competitors, customers, and key strategic players, utilizing a broad range of sources including but not limited to industry blogs, company press releases, company financial reports and investor presentations
  • Assist with the onboarding of new people to Travelport, ensuring they have the right “feeds” of intelligence for their role and have been provided with market and competitor profiles if they are new to the industry.
  • Manage the Market Intelligence portal, yammer presence and ensure reports and regular email updates are working effectively
  • Develop and share the customer story from insights, to increase employee empathy with our customers
  • Consolidate insights from different sources/surveys to develop a detailed root cause view of customer challenges
  • Customer research coordination including the extraction, cleaning and maintaining of customer contact details, survey design, loading and coding surveys into the enterprise feedback platform, translations, & administration of the survey and analytical tools

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