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Our distribution capabilities connect your car rental company to a global travel-buying community sold more than 91 million car rental days a year. If you’re a car provider, our platform can help you sell to travel agencies and corporate customers with innovative distribution, booking and digital media solutions. What’s more, we make your fleet and services universally accessible for our developer partners to integrate into their own travel apps and websites.

Your industry is the next frontier for growth

The international car rental industry is growing across all distribution channels both online and offline.

We want you to be part of that growth by taking advantage of our technologies that will allow you to optimize your fleet’s opportunities, outline your ancillaries in a visual and cohesive way and include your corporate rates to the world’s travel agencies.

While the top three global car rental firms make up half of all international sales, it’s local car rental fleets that will often provide a more complete portfolio, relevance and choice for the world’s global and corporate travelers.

By distributing through our platform you enable travel agents and corporate travel buyers to access your rates, availability and quotes, conveniently from their desktops and other devices, while developers and online players can access and integrate your content via our leading application programming interface (Travelport Universal API).

Frontier for growth

Did you know?

Industry forecasts are predicting an 8% growth across the car-rental sector for 2016, signaling a more competitive landscape.


New methods of connectivity, taking advantage of APIs that are flexible enough to work with your preferred technologies, allow you to get booked more often by global travel buyers on our Travel Commerce Platform.

Connectivity solutions

Digital media solutions

Promote your targeted marketing messages directly to our travel agencies at the most relevant point of purchase in the sales process. 

Digital media solutions
"We are thrilled to be able to say that we’re the first amongst our competitors to be able to offer Bidvest Car Rental content to travel agency customers."
George Harb, Travelport’s Managing Director in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe


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