Our vision

In 2014, Travelport’s CEO set our company vision that is as true today as it was then; ‘The platform that is redefining travel commerce for our customers’. Since first communicating this vision, Travelport has further proven this powerful statement through our innovative solutions, further investment in our platform and complementary adjacent businesses, as well as a successful IPO in 2014 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

Travelport’s vision continues and reflects a business with a clear strategy, with an impressive leadership team that delivers.

Our brand world

Travelport is a unique business. We’re fundamentally different to our competitors and we offer distinct advantages to our customers. 

Our competitive strengths set us apart, our pillars focus us, and our growth strategies ensure we continually achieve our vision to be the platform that is redefining travel commerce for our customers.

Brand world vision

Our pillars

Our business focus is on distribution, technology leadership, merchandising, selling and differentiated products. We use five brand pillars to steer our growth and decision-making.
Watch how each of our pillars influence the others. We call it our virtuous circle.

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