Evolving travel management needs

As the global business environment continually evolves, so too do your customers’ travel management needs. To remain competitive you need to offer global travel solutions that are reliable, cost effective, and fully compliant. We’re here to help you meet all these demands and more by delivering travel everywhere, offering broader content through faster, more dependable distribution – in the ways that today’s travelers want to access it, online and on the move.

The direction of travel

Your customer service is what makes your business special. Differentiation will be vital and achieving it will depend on a combination of scale, local, regional and global presence, and innovation-driven technology solutions. As content continues to expand and fragment, your ability to pinpoint the best results through advanced searches, using Travelport Smartpoint, of aggregated content , returning ideal itineraries, will add value in the eyes of your customers and their traveling colleagues.

Relevant solutions for real travelers

Our developments in real life persona-based search scenarios will enable you to adopt a user-centric approach to respond to the personal needs, preferences and policies of the corporations you service. Through robust data collection, reporting and duty-of-care solutions, and integrated with your customers’ IT systems, we can  will help improve compliance and cost- management for everyone.

Mobile business travel planners

Mobile technology influences how business travelers shop, book and experience travel, but also gives them the scope to do this outside of your managed program. To encourage travel program compliance we give you the power to influence the choices travelers make. Our mobile search, booking and expense management tools, along with location-based reporting and alerts, will help your travel management company  offer a better service to your customers, while improving cost-control and reducing risk.

TMC evolving needs

Did you know?

When travelers book through the TMC (or Corporate booking tool) they save 9-24% over other channel options.

Unsere Lösungen für Geschäftsreiseanbieter durchsuchen

Unsere breite Palette an Lösungen versetzt Sie in die Lage, Ihren Kunden und deren Geschäftsreisenden Zugang zu den besten Preisen und Inhalten zu verschaffen, und Sie erhalten die besten Tools zur Verwaltung ihrer Reisen. 

Travelport Queue Control Console bietet

Diversity Travel mit neuen Effizienzen und besserem Kundendienst

Das marktführende Reise-Management-Unternehmen in Großbritannien im Wohltätigkeits- und Bildungsbereich, Diversity Travel, hat sich an Travelports automatisierte Lösungen gewendet, um neue Effizienzen zu gewinnen. Die Hauptlösung, die sie implementiert haben, ist Travelport Queue Control Console. Dies ermöglicht Diversity Travel durch voreingestellte Kriterien, wie z. B. Qualitätskontrollen und automatisierte Ticketerstellung, Queues von selbst zu steuern.

Travel Management Company