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Branded fares and ancillaries
Sell, upsell and add-sell the widest range of airline content

Travel shoppers are looking for choice. They want to understand and compare what’s on offer before they book—so why make them go elsewhere to do it?

With Travelport branded fares and ancillaries, you can give your travelers more itinerary options, more upgrade fares, and more flight extras. Do that, and you can drive higher conversion rates and increase the return on every trip by delivering experiences that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Our branded fares and ancillaries solution is available through both Travelport Smartpoint and our API portfolio—allowing any travel brand to sell, upsell and add-sell the widest range of airline content.


Increase conversion and customer loyalty

Drive upsell opportunities and increase margins by showing travelers the same fares and extras they’d see on airline websites, such as the services included in a particular fare and the benefits of upgrading. Your website, app, booking tool, or agent interface can display fare families from multiple carriers to help your customers choose the best offer to suit their needs. 

Branded fares

Improve revenue and airline relationships

Shop, price, book, and process payment for air ancillaries including seats and bags and other products like security fast track, priority boarding, lounge access, and more. Sell higher value fares and cabin classes to really show your airline suppliers the value-add your business achieves per booking.

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Enhance efficiencies

Rich product descriptions and user-friendly interfaces allow your agents to spend less time searching airline websites for the best deals, and more time servicing your customers. For online businesses, our API allows for a quick and simple implementation of branded fares and ancillaries—which means you can avoid the costs of coding to each individual airline ancillary, and start immediately growing your margins and revenue. 

"By providing more choice, we can make our offers more compelling, increase our conversion, and—most importantly—keep our customers coming back."
Roberto Ramos, Director of Strategic Alliances at Atrápalo,

Read how Atrápalo increased upsell by 30%

Atrápalo wanted to improve its air fare offerings. When its highest selling airlines in Europe and Latin America began offering unbundled fare options, Atrápalo wanted to make these available to customers through its platform.

Case study

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