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Make the complete trip easier and more accessible to travelers

Learn how we’ll help you make the complete trip easier and more accessible to your customers

Travelport is uniquely able to support your upsell, cross-sell and ancillary sales strategies, and to ensure that you can increase your profits significantly as a result. We do this with a number of key platform capabilities that will boost eDreams ODIGEOs ancillary sales.

For example, by integrating Next-Generation Storefront display standard functionality, our search and results displays facilitate customer comparison of basic upsell fares as well as ancillaries This allows you to move to a ‘fare-family’ approach that makes it clear and easy for customers to book flights that best suit their budgets and needs.

Critically, we can also support search and display of branded and upsell fares, even if initial content searches are conducted outside the Travelport platform – on another GDS for example- through our Rich Content & Branding Data file. This totally GDS-agnostic solution means eDreams ODIGEO can boost revenues from upsell fares whichever platforms or channels you use for your flight searches initially.

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Flight searches

Travelport’s Next-Generation Storefront capabilities and roadmap

To help eDreams ODIGEO communicate the unique value of branded and upsell fares to agents and travelers, Travelport is integrating a new display standard – Next Generation Storefront – into our platform. This technology places airlines upsell fare offers alongside basic fare offers on search screens, allowing bookers to compare and contrast upsell fares from different providers quickly and easily.

When combined with our Rich Content and Branding Data Insights Tool, Next Generation Storefront makes branded and upsell fares more competitive, more attractive and, crucially, more bookable. With the Insights Tool, you can also check pricing to ensure that upsell fares are competitive – both in terms of pricing and features – which will help eDreams ODIGEO to convert more lookers into bookers and grow your revenues as a result.