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Etraveli and Travelport

A partnership to consolidate and strengthen your number one position for air


Welcome to our vision for Travelport and Etraveli’s partnership. We are excited to be entering into a new business relationship as a continuation our longstanding work with FlightNetwork, and we are fully committed at an executive level to your near and longer-term success as the number 1 OTA for air.

Future proof your business

Our platform and technology roadmap will provide a single environment for ingesting,enriching, and merchandising multi-source air content. This will effectively ‘future-proof’ your operations based on the ability to flex your content strategy as travel suppliers distribution strategies continue to evolve.

Equally importantly, major investments in our platform will deliver even greater speed and relevancy for your customers’ content searches. This will be especially critical for Etraveli’s continuing success as NDC offers proliferate.

Future proof your business

How we’ll help protect and grow your business

Protect your business

Based on the ability to access and sell the best content in the fastest and easiest way, whether it is traditional APTCO content, Low-Cost-Carrier content, or NDC content.

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Grow your revenues

With data insights that help you build the most successful expansion strategy through identification of the best business partners to grow your business in specific regions and views on specific customer segments.

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Increase your profits

With the ability to merchandize and sell branded fares and ancillaries that boost your margins, whether your initial content search is conducted on Travelport or in any other distribution platform or channel.

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Enhance the experience

Based on more compelling, relevant, personalized offers designed to maximize conversion for specific customer personas. We also have tools that can enhance your customer interactions before, during, and after their trips.

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Help and support for existing products

Visit MyTravelport today

My Travelport is our new one-stop support platform for customers needing support. To access our extensive knowledge-base suggestions, how-to-guides, tips ‘n tricks and create a case or manage open support cases, go to MyTravelport to login or to create an account or contact your Account Manager Camilla Hoffman-Serrander.


Here are some other helpful links for product specific support:
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Travelport uAPI

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Smartpoint SDK


Mature and robust solutions to help you grow

Branded Fares & Ancillaries

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Travelport Branded Fares and Ancillaries

Don’t make your customers go elsewhere for fare upgrades or ancillaries. Grow your margins and revenue and build customer loyalty with our branded fares and ancillaries solution.

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Future products


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Our TripServices solution provides Online resellers and developers faster, lightweight JSON/Restful microservice APIs offering consumer ready content for air, car and hotel at scale. Providing a path for travel resellers to NDC Content that can be delivered in an aggregated way with ATPCO Content.

TripServices once available, offers:

Eligibility Service: Currently in Beta. Reducing calls to your call centre by up to 60%, helping you manage changes and cancellations more efficiently.

Exchange Search: Currently in Alpha. Further reducing the time your Agents spend on exhanges as the customer is able to select their own alternative.

End to end exchanges: Available from Q1 2021