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Grow your revenues

Learn how Travelport is able to support your near and longer-term growth plan

In the near term, we understand that Etraveli will continue to focus on consolidating market leadership in North America and on increasing your already strong performance in Europe. However, your longer-term goal is to increase your share of the air market in new geographies, across Asia Pacific and Latin America in particular.

Travelport is able to support your near and longer-term growth plans with data and consultancy that takes the guesswork out of international expansion. Unlike generalist business consultancy firms, we have access to a global data set that incorporates 180 territories, and more than 11 billion travel transactions daily.

By interrogating this industry data, we can give you a real-time view of your target markets and emerging travel trends in each of them, as well as traffic and demand by customer ‘segment’. We can also direct Etraveli to key consolidator partners with proven track records in each region, helping you create new partnerships that support your growth objectives in particular regions.

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Supporting your expansion plans with our international teams and partner ecosystem

By partnering with Travelport, Etraveli will be able to leverage the experience and local presence of our Global OTA team, which spans Europe, the Americas, APAC and India. We have a unique footprint across the points of sale where Etraveli currently operates, and also in all of the regions featured in your expansion plan. Our teams are deeply knowledgeable of local market conditions and are here to help you navigate obstacles and to embrace emerging opportunities in your key expansion markets.

In addition to our global teams, we also have an extensive ecosystem of consolidator partners, and we are able to quickly facilitate and implement business relationships for our customers as required. We can also help you access additional published fares in new markets you’re looking to enter, such as APAC, or where you might be looking for additional fares to gain new competitive advantage.

Specific data insights to support Etraveli's expansion strategy
Here’s just a sample of some of the intelligence we can provide to support your expansion plans:

Data for creating relevant, personalized customer offers

Travelport can help you combine data from trusted sources – including customer demographic data, shopping trends, and buying history – to create targeted and personalized offers that boost conversion vs. blanket advertising solutions


Insights that enhance supplier relationships

We can use travel shopping data and other data to show you how much you are spending with each supplier, helping you to understand your true buying power and enhance the terms of your supplier relationships.


Insights that boost customer lifetime value

We can help you to engage with your customers before, during and after they travel, improving their experiences and potentially increasing sales and revenue opportunities for in-trip offers