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Protect your business

Learn how the Travelport platform will protect and future-proof Etraveli’s business

As airlines seek to become ‘one-stop-shops’ for their customers, they are evolving their distribution strategies to incorporate NDC and other diversified content. To future-proof and protect Etraveli’s business in this fast-changing environment, Travelport is building a new platform that will enable Etraveli to access, search and distribute APTCO, LCC, and NDC content quickly and simply through developer-friendly, Micro Service APIs. At the same time, our AI and caching technologies will ensure that even the most complex content searches are fast and simple for your customers, and that only the most relevant results are returned for your customers – thereby maximizing conversion.

In addition to these benefits, the Travelport platform will protect and future-proof Etraveli’s business with:

Unique NDC capabilities

As a leader in NDC, and the only travel technology partner currently accredited to NDC level 4, Travelport is in the ideal position to help you commercialize NDC content quickly and seamlessly. In particular, we are able to bring all of our technology and experience to bear to ensure that NDC content is easy and fast to search, enriched with static data from our platform, and bookable via existing workflows. We can also help by minimizing the development burden of NDC, with existing connections into travel supplier systems and internal teams who can keep you on the latest version of the NDC schema seamlessly.

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Travelers today want relevant choice, and to deliver this, you need to integrate content from a variety of sources. Travelport is the first global distribution platform to apply the NDC API schema for both Legacy GDS and API-connected multi-source content. Through this, we can expand the net of carrier connectivity across LCC, NDC and GDS content, providing deeper reach for Etraveli’s interline itineraries.

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Rob Brown
Global VP, Managing Director Global OTA, Travelport

Fast, competitive content searches

At Travelport, we have a wealth of experience working with OTA customers with multi-sales channel strategies, including meta and mobile. In all cases, we have seen a degree of coloration between search speed and conversion, with faster searches providing tangible competitive advantage for OTAs.

As multi-sourced air retailing diversifies to include NDC, dynamic pricing and Next-Generation Storefront displays, the speed and relevancy of search results will become ever more critical for Etraveli. To ensure that you remain competitive, we can leverage the speed of our search response, which is around 40% faster out of the box than any other GDS platform.

The range and complexity of air content will continue to increase, which will challenge your business logic and search parameters. The speed of our content delivery, enhanced through asynchronous responses, will enable Etraveli to make faster commercial decisions as to which content you wish to display to your customers.

Caching and API capabilities support your strategic investments in TripStack

Finally, but equally importantly, Travelport has developed industry leading caching solutions and API capabilities that allow your TripStack interlining solution to function at web scale, and at speed. This will allow you to offer the best multi-carrier inventories and offers to your customers and to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Today, 47% of consumers expect response times of under 2 seconds. With Travelport as a partner, Etraveli can achieve it and stay one step ahead of your competitors in terms of conversion.

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Sinéad Reilly
Head of Global OTA Europe, Travelport