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As a travel provider, connecting, sharing and communicating your required content portfolio to the global travel agency network is the first step on a journey with Travelport that's designed to grow your business to its full potential. Your inventory for flights, hotels, cars, cruise, tour and more is safely stored, synchronized and delivered to the world's travel buyers. Travelport is able to ensure that all content, from any connectivity source, is viewable on a single agency screen: all content side by side, all providers on a level playing field, allowing all travel buyers able to search, compare and contrast from a single view.


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Flexible connectivity through API

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Connect to Travelport using your technology preferences, not ours

Through an application programming interface (API), or through traditional industry standards, or through a blend of both, a connection to our travel commerce platform will deliver real-time availability, pricing, optional extras, rules and corporate rates. Today, we encourage the usage of API technology so that you can be as flexible, agile, and responsive to changing business conditions as many of the best websites and other direct channels.

Hybrid connectivity

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The best of both worlds

We recognize that different provider industries are at different stages of technical maturity and others work within a highly complex and fragmented business environment. We also know that within the same operating model, some providers may want to take advantage of two entirely different connectivity solutions; a blend of different connectivity solutions may be the answer.

Through a hybrid model, using both API and Industry Standards, an airline (for example) can choose which fares, schedules and ancillaries are best delivered using API connectivity; tough domestic business conditions might require frequent change and reaction. For the same airline, traditional forms of connectivity would work best for routes or product offerings that are steady, needing less dynamic change - such as well established long-haul routes.

Raising old and new standards across the industry

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New Standards

Where connectivity standards exist, Travelport works hand-in-hand with providers and industry associations to ensure these remain valuable, flexible and cost effective. Where certain travel segments are less standardized but recognize the need to harmonize data and collaborate through standard processes, Travelport is equally at the forefront of these demands. Working in tandem with technology teams, global and regional industry bodies and different provider groups, we are committed to ensure every travel business model is in a position to be searched, shared and sold across the world. What sets Travelport apart as a partner and platform for travel commerce, is our ability to lead and take the initiative to ensure that travel buyers globally have your content at their finger-tips.

Solving niche demands in connectivity

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How Travelport Hotelzon integrates independent and boutique hotel properties

Where possible, we ask to work with a customer's API to develop the kind of dynamic connectivity to our platform that keeps you in control at all times. If you're not yet working with APIs, or you need to understand more about XML and other programming languages, our team of experts will be happy to advise you. 

Smaller or independent hotels, typically wary of the costs and complexity attributed to global distribution, can now be part of our commerce platform and take advantage of the channel best suited to corporate bookings. The extranet can support the negotiated special rates you have with any of your corporate clients, and also deliver helpful reporting for when the contract is ready to be renewed.