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Technology and Innovation

The world around us is changing


New technologies are enabling us to transform the way we buy and manage travel, turning trips into experiences

Travel has always been at the forefront of innovation. When the world went online, the travel industry led. When online moved into your pocket, app-based travel grew. Now, in a world when travelers want seamless experiences, travel companies need to be everywhere you are. They need the right digital infrastructure to instantly deliver the content you need.

We launched the industry’s first AI platform designed to help businesses manage corporate travel spend through our partnership with IBM. Combining our global travel data and IBM Watson capabilities, IBM Travel Manager intelligently tracks, manages, predicts and analyzes travel costs in one place to fundamentally change how companies manage and optimize their travel programs.

We’re putting the ability to upload bookings and work through contracts and administrative tasks within the blockchain network into the hands of the operator. This allows travelers, experience providers, and hotels to benefit from the management and increased availability of long tail content.

We've teamed up with our technology partner TCS to create a proof of concept called the ‘Digital Traveler Wallet’ which can securely store and transact blockchain and non-blockchain based reservations. The Digital Traveller Wallet mobile app allows the traveler to securely manage, transfer, redeem and modify their travel booking, regardless of the source.

Experience Innovation

Travel has always been about new experiences.

Today, new technologies like cloud, AI and blockchain are enabling us to reimagine where you find your inspiration, how you book your transport, add adventures and manage every part of your journey. This turns your trip into a unique experience, whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or a mix of the two.  

We’re continuously innovating the mobile experience for travelers by helping suppliers and agencies enhance their apps with features that delight and excite travelers. From helping an airline become the first to offer voice search within its branded mobile app to using augmented reality to scan luggage to meet carry-on size restrictions to improving convenience for corporate travelers within a global agency’s award-winning mobile app, we’re powering mobile engagement.

We’ll always provide choice, drive performance and use the intelligence in our platform to personalize and tailor your experience uniquely to you and your customers, but we’re also innovating, inspiring and experimenting with ways to use new technologies to make buying and managing travel continually better.

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