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Meet Megan

September 24, 2019
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Following my time as the Strategy Intern at Travelport, I was delighted to be asked to continue my employment with the company on a part-time, flexible basis during my final year of University, carrying out the role of Strategic Support for the Agency Commerce team.

My internship at Travelport went above and beyond all my expectations, from the trust and responsibility I was given to be involved in very important projects to the endless support and care I received from my team, my mentor, the HR team and everyone else I had the pleasure of working with. My role was very project based, meaning I was involved in a vast array of work with people from all over the business. This included: strategic analysis of different regions, preparation of materials for presentations for senior leaders, strategic planning for market trends etc.

I have also had the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops both inside and out of the business which provided me with excellent exposure to employees from around the globe. The talent team at Travelport provided us with personal development sessions which helped to develop our general business skills and help us to feel more confident in the workplace (as well as being extremely enjoyable).

Another important part of the internship was the CSR program, run by the interns, in which we were tasked to raise £10,000 for two charities (SHOC and Rainbow Trust). I took a leading role and managed the accounting side of the fundraising., which helped to develop my teamwork skills (getting 18 people to agree can be very difficult) and also developed my financial reporting skills which I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to exercise. I am pleased to say we smashed this target.

I am endlessly grateful to all those who have helped to make my internship here at Travelport so enjoyable, challenging and rewarding and I look forward to taking on my new role in the coming year!