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Meet Travelport Smartpoint Exchanges: a new one-stop ticket exchange tool

March 4, 2019
Maurita Baker
Maurita Baker

The business of travel is a complicated one and Travelport is committed to simplifying it. With an aim to drive better experiences, both for agents and their travellers, Travelport is constantly innovating to deliver solutions that make this possible. One of the biggest time-consuming challenges faced by travel agencies is that of ticket exchanges, repricing and reticketing. Oftentimes it is a long, drawn out manual process where fares and taxes need to be recalculated, leaving room for error and dreaded agency debit memos.

Recognizing the need for an easy-to-use, automated solution, we have introduced Smartpoint Exchanges, our game-changing new exchange tool designed to work seamlessly with Travelport Smartpoint. The new plugin, exclusive to Canadian Apollo connected agencies, replaces Travelport Ticket Exchange (TTE) and is available free of charge. The simplicity lies in the fact that the easy-to-use plugin facilitates the process of exchanging tickets, and is extremely flexible, allowing easy accommodation into any agency process. Now, agents can focus on growing their business and serving customers by saving time and exchanging tickets in a couple of minutes.

Perhaps best of all, Smartpoint Exchanges is backed by an ADM Guarantee Policy. We’re so confident of Smartpoint Exchanges that we’ll cover any agency debit memo issued as a direct result of using the tool.

Key features of Smartpoint Exchanges:

  • Compatible with single and multiple passenger PNRs (including groups)
  • Compatible with involuntary changes and name changes
  • Graphical results screen clearly displays amounts and taxes
  • Allows the user to modify data whenever it is required
  • Complete fare data is documented in the PNR remarks

See below what some of our beta-tested customers are saying.

  • “We are delighted with this new solution by Travelport. With Smartpoint Exchanges we can exchange the most difficult PNRs within a minute, and this includes complex, partially-used international PNRs too,” said Tanzer Dumlu, Ticketing and Quality Control Supervisor at Encore Travel. “Time savings and accurate quotations by frontline agents means reduced customer care issues due to inaccurate quotations. Most importantly, Smartpoint Exchanges saves us money due to reduced ADMs,” he added.
  • “Smartpoint Exchanges is an excellent product that will save us time, guesswork and unnecessary stress. I have enjoyed the challenge of throwing every conceivable exchange at the tool, from a simple exchange to half-used tickets, re-routing and date changes. You name it, we’ve tried it all. We are very excited about this solution by Travelport,” said Margaret Pagliarulo, Executive Travel Co-Ordinator, New Wave Travel.
  • “With the amount of exchanges that I can do in a week, I would say that Smartpoint Exchanges has saved me at least a full work day,” said Jillian Roberts, Senior Agent & Branch Partner, LeGrow’s Travel. “Manually repricing PNRs and building HHPRs can be very time consuming if you have a complicated itinerary. I love that Smartpoint Exchanges completes the entire process at one time.”