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View COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures within your Smartpoint workflow

July 13, 2020
Robert Thornley
Robert Thornley

A new COVID-19 plugin is now available on Travelport Smartpoint, which gives travel agencies access to information on government restrictions, lockdowns, and safety measures across the globe – all within the agent’s workflow.  

Update 30 July: We have now added an airline health and safety measures tracker into the plugin, with information from 80+ global airlines. Read more below.

In the last few months, COVID-19 has added a lot of complexity to an already complex travel ecosystem. With ever-changing airline and hotel policies and government restrictions on travel across the world, travel agents often need to look at many different sources for the most up-to-date information before making a booking. 

More often than not, this means leaving the GDS workflow and searching for information like the quarantine measures and safety precautions in place in various locations. It’s an added step in the process that adds time and complexity – and for agencies that are operating with a reduced workforce, it means efficiency is reduced.  

At Travelport, we believe this information is critical to support the recovery of safe and responsible travel. That’s why we have developed a new plugin so information on government restrictions and airline safety measures is available to agents within the Travelport Smartpoint workflow. 

Just added: Airline health & safety tracker

In response to demand from travelers and travel agents for information on airline health and safety measures, we’ve added an airline health & safety tracker to the COVID-19 Smartpoint plugin. It highlights the safety measures being undertaken by more than 80 of the world’s largest airlines – all available at a glance. It is delivered to both online and offline travel agencies through the plugin, as well as through our API-based merchandising solution, Branded Fares Data File. We have also made this information available to the wider industry through our COVID-19 resource hub — find out more.

Airline health and safety measures in Travelport Smartpoint

COVID-19 information within your workflow 

Travelport has worked with Safeture — a Swedish global employee safety platform provider, to integrate this important information into Smartpoint agent desktop. The plugin is available free of charge for agency customers and shows integrated information such as

  • Country lockdown level indicators  
  • Government restrictions 
  • Quarantine measures in place 

The information is shown based on the countries within the itinerary. Agents can also search through an interactive world map that indicates lockdown levels in each country, allowing them to advise travelers on specific destinations. 

This data is continuously monitored and updated by Safeture and makes keeping track of the vast range of rules and restrictions much simpler.

Customers can download the COVID-19 plugin from Travelport Marketplace here.

What customers are saying

“Working with the Travelport COVID-19 Smartpoint plugin will allow our consultants to advise our customers and travelers on up-to-date country/destination information regarding this pandemic straight from the Smartpoint desktop. Travelport has turned this around so quickly and it is great to know they are listening to the needs of the industry and supplying leading-edge tools so quickly.” Colin Boddy, Group Commercial Director, Meon Valley Travel Group 

“With the Travelport COVID-19 Smartpoint plugin, we can provide reliable, sourced information to clients on the destinations they’re planning to travel to or through, without leaving the workflow. In this way, we’re able to continue providing a top-class service to clients who can confidently make travel choices and book flights.” Scott Pawley, Managing Director, Global Travel Management 

Policy trackers 

In addition to the COVID-19 plugin, we have been collating a list of airline, hotel, and car policies. These policy trackers give agencies access to key information from suppliers, all in one central place. View them on our COVID-19 recovery hub

Recovery trends in travel

As countries begin to reopen their borders, we are beginning to see the first signs of recovery across the travel industry. We recently hosted a series of webinars across EMEA, APAC and the Americas to look at what recovery patterns we’re seeing. We also had guest speakers from agencies, airlines, and hotel groups to discuss the measures they are putting in place to prepare for recovery.

Watch the webinars on-demand here.

Visit Travelport Marketplace to install the COVID-19 Smartpoint plugin