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Keeping your customers coming back for more, with more content, better retailing and best value.

Introducing the next marketplace for travel retailing. Travelport+ is built to simplify how you sell travel. It’s a next-gen platform stacked with the tools and capabilities to help you work smarter, faster, and deliver more for your customers.

Travelport+ brings you more content, modern retail capabilities, and the best value — all through a single agent desktop.

What Travelport+ Can Do For You

More Connectivity, More Choice

You’ll have fast and easy access to:

  • Content from any source, including NDC, low-cost carriers (LCC), hotel, car, and rail – all through one, next generation platform.
  • Dynamic, targeted, retail-ready offers
  • A better, broader choice of content

Selling Upgraded

Retailing will be easier, faster, and more profitable, thanks to:

  • A more intelligent storefront for simple cross, and up selling
  • Better merchandizing and trip management tools
  • Smarter trip quoting

Less Pain, More Gain

You’ll drive better value from every trip, and save on average 1.5 hours per day, per Agent on manual tasks with tools that make life easier for you and your customers, like:

  • Simplified exchanges
  • Assisted ticketing
  • Improved automation

The team at Travelport have been so supportive and flexible supporting our upgrade. Helping us with training agents, even those that have no GDS experience! Making the move from Worldspan to Travelport+ has been less scary with their support, and helpful instructor-led classes. And the benefits so far have been significant.

Kathy Torino
Travel Leaders of Charleston

Grasp is ready and looking forward to working with Internova agencies on their upgrade to Travelport+

Mike Duffy
Head of Product, Grasp Technologies

so far

Watch this short video from Kyle Moore, Global Leader of Customer Strategy at Travelport, telling you about the three Chapters of our Travelport+ journey that have already been launched, and why these are three good reasons to upgrade to Travelport+ too.

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Your Travelport+ Upgrade Journey Map

Upgrading to Travelport+ is simple and straightforward, and our team are on-hand to support you every step of the way. Here’s how it works:


Your upgrade journey starts here

Upgrade details 1

Receive an email notification with your details about your upgrade.

Receive password 2

Receive an email with your Smartpoint admin password.


Start your training 5

Complete the self-paced Travelport+ training modules

Upgrade 4

Receive an email with your new Travelport+ account details

Request new details 3

Click the link in the email to request you new account details.

Hello Travelport+

Complete booking 6

Complete a booking on Travelport+ and receive a confirmation

Upgrade checklist 7

Follow the checklist to complete your upgrade to Travelport+

Current core retired 8

You will no longer have access to your old GDS.

Start your upgrade today to benefit from more content, better retailing and best value.

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