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Goodbye complexity. Hello simplicity.

Introducing the next marketplace for travel retailing.
Travelport+ simplifies how suppliers, agencies, and travelers connect – all through one next-generation platform, one agent desktop, one set of APIs, and one AI and data-driven distribution channel.


More connectivity,
more choice

More Connectivity,
Greater Reach

Travelport+ unlocks a world of choice across air, car, rail, and hotel — and helps agents navigate that choice by simplifying offer comparison and decision-making. It offers flexible, easy-to-manage connections — whether traditional formats, new channels (like ATPCO, NDC, HTNG, OTA), or direct connections.

Travelport+ makes it easier to sell flights, hotel, car, and rail through travel agencies. It gives you access to a world of travel agents, through flexible and easy to manage connections – whether traditional formats or new delivery channels like ATPCO, NDC, HTNG, OTA, and direct connections.

19 airlines signed for ndc

And we’re not stopping there

2.5x more brands to compare*

JSON enhancements make upselling easier

300+ Branded fare airlines

Spend less time on airline websites

68,000+ Agencies Globally

Grow your reach, promote your content

80% of customers on the upgraded platform

That’s a lot of agents selling your best offers

19 airlines signed for NDC

And we’re not stopping there



Selling, Upgraded

Travelport+ makes retailing easier, faster, and more profitable for agencies. It improves the shopping experience, through smart interfaces, better merchandising tools, customizable storefronts, and lightweight, intelligent APIs. And that helps agents sell better and faster, with less frustration and more profit in every click.

Travelport+ makes retailing easier, faster, and more profitable. It helps suppliers sell, position, differentiate, and personalize offers. And, rich media makes it easier to communicate your offers to agents, giving your brand the competitive edge.

Up to 68% faster search speed*

Significantly reducing payload.

Average of 10% more margin*

For tickets issued through Net Fare Manager

Extra ancillary revenue

Average of 10% higher ancillary attachment rates earn you more*

10% Higher attachment rate*

More earning potential from every booking

Up to 68% faster search*

Freeing up agents’ time to upsell for you

Earn +18% on economy class tickets**

When ancillaries are added, you earn more


Less pain, more gain

Less pain, more gain

Travelport+ drives more value from every trip. Travel agencies get better business intelligence, increased support, and time-saving tools that benefit travelers too. And all that lets you focus what’s important: making your customers happy.

Travelport+ drives more value from every trip. Travel suppliers get more data and insights to continuously improve offers and grow their business. And, they also benefit from tools that enable more agent productivity and more customer autonomy.

833 Hours saved per year**

Through more automation and self-service

Better workflow automation

Saving an average of 1.5 hours per day on manual tasks**

Self serve on support

70% of support queries can now be solved via self-service

More time for selling your offers

Workflow automation gives an agent back 1.5 hours per day**

833 Hours saved per year, per agency**

More automation and self-service means fewer phone calls and happier customers

Self-serve on support queries

70% of agent support queries can now be resolved via self-service

What our customers are saying


Encore is a fast-moving travel management company. It knew early-on that Travelport+ was a game-changer, and when it chose to upgrade it was impressed by how quick the process was.


The Appointment Group is an independent travel specialist, catering to everyone from investment bankers to rock starts (cool, huh?). When it comes to travel, touring, and events, it has to make the impossible possible.

American Airlines

American Airlines knows NDC is a game-changer for travel retailing. It needs to give the indirect channel access to all its offers, and make it as easy as possible for agents to book NDC trips.

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The latest Travelport+ release gives everyone more. More airlines, more ancillaries, and more NDC offers. More hotel and car rates. And more opportunities to earn by giving travelers an even wider range of choice.

* When compared to another Travelport platform
** Figures based on internal research; actual results may vary

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