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Travelport CETS

A robust and reliable reservation system for the tourism industry


As a travel agent you need an intuitive and accurate booking system to rise above the competition and set your agency apart from the norm. With Travelport CETS (Central European Touristic Solutions) you can exceed the needs of your customers, through this easy-to-use booking system.

Confidently offer a vast number of tours

The CETS graphic interface enables travel agents to confidently offer Austrian, German, Swiss, Italian and select Eastern European tours, through a vast number of tour operators. CETS’ fully integrated search engine, PowerSearch, allows agents to search within all offers from all provided tour operators, compare products and choose the perfect one for their customers.

Suitable for new agents and pros

CETS is suitable for both new agents and pros and the intuitive system enables all agents to provide client-oriented consulting services during the booking process. Additionally, CETS continuously receives new upgrades to features and functionality. This ensures agents always have a complete and up-to-date range of the latest travel offers.



Search across a vast number of tour operators

CETS PowerSearch enables you to compare a wide range of holidays and find the perfect match for your customer’s needs.


Quality results

CETS PowerSearch sources travel offers directly from the tour operator's portfolio, guaranteeing data accuracy with reliable pricing and availability.


ShoppingCart - even more flexibility

The CETS ShoppingCart solution allows you to easily arrange the best holiday offers by combining travel services and tours from different tour operators and into a single record.


Extensive content

Coverage of the full range of relevant offers and tour operators in your market.


Market-focused, efficient and reliable

Travel agents recommend CETS as a market-focused, efficient, reliable system.


Quick and easy

CETS provides a full range of multimedia content. This includes hotel descriptions provided as text, images or in video format, that can be viewed during travel planning. The Package Arrangement feature allows you to sort all available offers according to price, hotel brand, accommodations etc. Banner advertising lets you view and book top offers with just three clicks. Also, low-cost airlines are easily booked via the reservation system, and hotel and flight data is organized for simplicity. The sign-in news feed provides quick and immediate information about Travelport and CETS.

CETs Screenshot

Easy click and go

CETS allows you to print booking confirmations, invoices and tickets, and obtain travel insurance easily. Seat reservations can be done via an intuitive graphic interface. CETS makes work easier by storing intermediate data automatically for further editing. As the leading touristic solution it provides detailed information about any destination. This includes country requirements, local currency and climate, visa requirements, maps, places of interest, events, and more.

CETs Screenshot