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Travelport Competitive Insights

The knowledge to drive performance and gain competitive advantage


The booking data that is useful to travel agencies is often highly complex, making it a real challenge to turn information into action. Travelport Competitive Insights is an online travel intelligence portal that makes it easy to translate complex data into actionable insights. It monitors travel trends, identifies new growth opportunities and provides clear visibility on performance in order to help you make informed decisions on the future of your business.



Identify market growth opportunities

Stay ahead of the market by easily reviewing your performance against competitors and identifying new points of sales that have high revenue potential. 


Negotiate more effective supplier contracts

Provide greater insight into which airlines, destinations and routes are most popular helping you to improve your negotiating position with airline partners. 


Reduce your overheads

Save on human and financial resource by providing self-serve analysis of your business, your travelers and industry in one holistic view.


Optimize marketing spend and increase conversion rates

Ensure marketing budgets are spent promoting the right destinations, at exactly the right time by highlighting booking growth trends by destination and airline. 


Analyze data more efficiently

Make strategic business decisions based on real-time data using our intuitive user interface. Register for pre-defined weekly or monthly reports that outline routes, airlines and destination opportunities. Create instant alerts based on certain criteria being met on areas of interest.

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Optimize spend and increase conversions

Discover booking growth trends that enable you to identify the top destinations and airlines for travelers.  Use intuitive filters to gauge performance levels by destination, route or airline. Identify areas where you are under-performing as well as new markets by drilling into point of sale countries to highlight key routes and airlines.

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Improve your competitive positioning

The peer view in Travelport Competitive Insights shows a side by side analysis of your performance relative to competitors. This allows you to validate your agency’s performance against the market, know your market position, monitor its evolution, identify gaps in performance, review route deals and validate pricing policies.

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Travelport Competitive Insights overview (PDF)

Want to find out how insights can fuel business growth?
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By understanding how important we are to the airline’s business, we can strengthen our positions at the negotiating table and get the best deals for our business and our customers.

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Per Mohseni