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Travelport Efficiency Suite

Turning operations into profit centers


Travel resellers are often left frustrated by the amount of time they have to spend on manual, repetitive tasks that drive no revenue. Travelport Efficiency Suite provides an event-driven solution to increase agent productivity with simple commands and a user-friendly interface. Its intuitive templates and automation make rule creation easy and accessible through one single portal.



Unlock new revenue opportunities

Quickly and easily automate time-consuming tasks to free-up your agents to sell more, improve margins and maximize business performance. 


Reduce the cost of trip servicing

Service customers more efficiently and grow your business without increasing headcount by eliminating manual processes and automating daily operational tasks. 


Improve the customer experience

Encourage loyalty by anticipating your customers needs, automating customer communications and ensuring all bookings are quality checked for the correct information.


Control business performance

Reduce the reliance on expensive third parties through simplified automation and give your team time to focus on high-level tasks that give your business an edge over the competition.


Optimize your agency workflow

Using simple "if this, then that" rule creation, your operations and helpdesk staff can streamline workflows and quickly automate manual processes. Get back time spent scheduling changes, finishing files, managing queues, and confirming tickets, and use it to focus on revenue opportunities.

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Automate customer communications

Delight your customers by effortlessly anticipating their needs and offering real-time support without agent intervention. Track un-used e-tickets for refunds, automate communications about disruptive schedule changes, and automatically send your travelers their flight itineraries and e-ticket receipts.


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Enhance visibility and agent efficiency

The intuitive user interface and simple commands offered within a single dashboard allow your team to quickly take control of day to day operations. Efficiency Suite provides a variety of key service commands including: Schedule Change, Auto-ticketing, Queue Management, File Finishing, Quality Control and Fare Optimization. 

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Services that deliver real business value


Reduction in time spent issuing tickets through Auto Ticketing adoption


Reduction in time spent on minor manual schedule changes per month


Reduction in agent error automatic debit memos when using Quality Control

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Import Actions - this is amazing and will save so much time when building rules.

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