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Travelport Engage

Super charge your traveler engagement with a messaging engine built for travel


It can be challenging to provide meaningful, personalized and contextual communications to travelers while they are on the road. Failing to do this increases costs, decreases revenue and ultimately diminishes loyalty for travel brands. Travelport Engage provides you with a configurable trip-specific messaging platform. It uses the traveler’s PNR, trip filters and contextual message triggers to deliver smarter interactions in real-time via push, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and more.



Smarter customer engagement

Make one-to-one communications more effective and efficient by providing targeted messages based on pre-defined business rules.


Generate more revenue

Facilitate a higher ancillary sales conversion at all stages of the traveler journey by promoting the right ancillary at the right stage in the booking and post booking phase.


Personalize the travel experience

Provide an individual touch throughout the travel lifecycle with personalized notifications, alerts and mobile offers.


Increase customer loyalty

Engage customers pre, during and post-trip to build deeper, more valuable relationships by offering compelling content and personalized offers.


Send personalized messages using live trip data

Go beyond generic push messaging with an engagement platform built for travel. Travelport Engage uses a dynamic set of pre-defined trip-specific rules. This enables you to create and deliver highly targeted and meaningful messages that are specific to each stage of your traveler's journey.

Live Trip Data

Push marketing campaigns that drive more revenue

Achieve greater marketing ROI with campaigns that use live travel data and workflows to deliver higher conversion rates. Increase revenue with personalized offers travelers want to see, ancillary upsells, in-destination cross-sells, segmented promotions and inspirational campaigns.

Smart Messages

Automate comms to support travelers on the go

Deliver targeted messages to your travelers. Create end-to-end push, email and SMS campaigns, Facebook Messenger updates, IROP's notifications and flight alerts. Use your travelers' PNR number as an identifier to send messages that provide relevant and accurate information at every step of your travelers' journey.

Automate Comms

Deliver messages across Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches

Reach your customers across the mobile devices they’re using during their journey. You can effortlessly communicate information such as departures, gate changes, cancellations and delays across several personal devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Fully Mobile Optimized

Travelport Engage
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When we can clearly and quickly communicate any emerging disruption, it helps our clients’ travelers prepare for what to expect at airports and reduces their frustration. It ensures travelers aren’t surprised.

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Yannis Karmis
SVP of Product P&D, BCD Travel