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Travelport Fusion

A mobile engagement platform built for every airline


As we transition to a more experience led economy the true challenge facing airlines is around how they retain and maintain the attention of their customers. Travelport Fusion is a mobile engagement solution that has been designed specifically to enable airlines to grow revenues, streamline operations and extend their digital engagement by building authentic and personalized relationships across the entire journey.


Increase yield per customer

Increase yield per customer

Leverage mobile engagement to increase bookings, deliver targeted marketing campaigns and reduce payment friction through mobile payments and credit card scanning.

Itinerary Management

Reduce operational costs

Offer more self-serve features from within the app to reduce the volume of customer service calls, increase the average saving per check-in and reduce the costs for managing IROPs.

Deliver a an exceptional experience

Deliver an exceptional experience

Deliver a mobile experience that is unique to your brand’s identity by using our highly configurable mobile solution to improve brand affinity and customer loyalty.


Reduce risk and costs from in-house development

Reduce risk and costs from in-house development

Leverage our industry expertise to ensure greater guarantee of success and minimize the risks and costs associated with in-house development. 


Increase revenue streams via mobile

Use mobile channels to push relevant offers before and during check-in, thus boosting ancillary upsells and improving customer lifetime value.

Contextual messaging allows you to send timely notifications on the day of travel to offer ancillaries such as seat upgrades, extra bags and meals.

Remove payment friction with credit/debit mobile payment options and credit card scanning features. 

Increase Revenue Streams

Personalized traveler engagement

Manage push notifications, SMS and email from one platform and use real-time trip data for highly relevant mobile messaging and engagement.

Create new touchpoints to communicate flight status, changes or cancellations.

Automate timely communications to upsell priority boarding options, extra bags or seat upgrades and promote fares that drive 300% more bookings in just 24 hours. 

Personalized traveler engagement

Lower costs with self-service features

Reduce operational costs by encouraging customer self-service with app features such as mobile check-in, mobile boarding passes and access to Apple Wallet at any time.

Mobile support features such as day of travel assistance and real-time flight alerts help to reduce customer support costs, communicate IROPs more effectively and reduce late passenger arrivals. 

Lower costs with self-service features

Integrate effortlessly with each PSS

Fusion is designed to integrate with a variety of PSS solutions including Amadeus, Sabre and Navitaire.

Travelport has years of experiencing working with the world’s largest airlines and connecting to a variety of systems.

We’ll work directly with your technical teams to connect your platforms seamlessly. 

Integrate Effortlessly

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We recognize the importance of mobile engagement and being able to connect with our customers, bringing them highly relevant, personalized information and services they need, at every step of their journey. Travelport Fusion allows us to implement this mobile app rapidly.

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