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Travelport Trip Assist

Keeping travelers empowered and informed while on the move


Tech is evolving at a staggering rate. Modern travelers enjoy round-the-clock connectivity and increased productivity from their mobile devices while they're abroad and as a result they now expect much more from the travel experience. Travelport Trip Assist was designed with this in mind. It's a mobile engagement solution that helps travel resellers and corporate travel managers create new opportunities to engage the traveler across the entire trip. It does this with the help of sophisticated itinerary management and real-time messaging capabilities.



Improve traveler engagement

Provide a sophisticated end-to-end itinerary management solution that gives you regular touchpoints with the traveler.


Reduce traveler service costs

Using the automation capabilities and real-time alerts you can save your agents up to 2.5 hours per day on manual overheads.


Drive greater policy compliance

Influence traveler behavior in-trip using configurable messaging capabilities that can be tailored to corporations travel program objectives.


Enhance traveler experience

With more self-serve features agencies can provide a smoother experience for the traveler and reduce the need for support calls.


Contextual traveler engagement

Give your travelers peace of mind by delivering the right content at the right time to the right person. Trip Assist uses your travelers' PNR number as an identifier to send push notifications and Facebook Messenger updates to travelers about flight alerts, trip updates, cancellations, gate changes or baggage carousel information. Travelers can also access more content-rich messages direct from the app inbox at any time.

Traveler Engagement

Modernize your itinerary and trip management

Help your travelers master itinerary management. Our platform uses rich itinerary information to provide users with key details about their trips. This includes dynamic trip changes in real time for flights, hotel bookings, car rental, ground transfers and rail journeys. With native mapping, calendar sync, trip sharing and the ability to import 3rd party bookings you have the makings of a mobile solution that travelers wont want to leave home without.

Trip Management

Improve services digitally

Free travel agents up to focus on specialist business traveler enquiries. Trip Assist's selection of self-serve features, such as real-time trip alerts, flexible itinerary management capabilities and native mapping, can reduce call durations for travel agents. If your agent is still required, a ‘click & call’ or ‘click & email’ option can be used to direct enquiries direct to the booking agent. This ability to contact an agent at the touch of a button creates peace of mind for travelers to create lasting customer loyalty.

Improve Service Levels

Win through platform updates

Help us build a product that meets your business needs. With regular feature releases, we are constantly improving Trip Assist in order to help you get ahead of your competitors and win new business. We encourage feedback from customers and often incorporate suggestions into future product updates. Travelport has years of experience working in the travel industry and connecting to a variety of systems. We'll work directly with your IT teams to connect your platforms seamlessly.

Platform Updates

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The provision of sophisticated mobile services in travel is no longer an option, it has become a necessity.

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Marco Ciocchetti
CEO of the XL Travel Group