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For rail providers, our platform can help you sell more tickets on a global scale. By displaying rail services in the way travel buyers need to see them, we ensure rail is presented as a relevant travel option for agency experts, corporate customers and consumers. Unlocking additional growth and demand from both business and leisure travelers worldwide is your opportunity to expand your reach and grow your revenue potential.

Making rail easy to book

Your rail journeys are fast becoming the travel option of choice for travelers around the world. Passengers demanding the best journey options need to be better informed about the advantages of travelling by rail. 

With centrally-located city stations, your rail journeys compete with flights on travel time, as well as service, price and availability. So rail companies like yours are winning business from better-informed travelers. 

Travelport distributes rail content to approximately 68,000 travel agency locations worldwide. Our leading point-of-sale combines rail options with flight schedules on a single display to ensure travel agents provide the best travel choice.

Travelport ensures that travel agencies can book rail effectively and efficiency; whether it's shopping for the right-priced itinerary, finding an airport-connecting rail service to add to a flight purchase or making it simple to sell air-rail “codeshare” services to provide a seamless ticket purchasing experience.

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Rail train station

Did you know?

Trains that reach a passengers' destination in under 3.5 hours typically win more business than airlines on the same city-pairs.

UK agents can now discover a smarter way to book Eurostar with the Travelport Seat Map App for Eurostar

Booking Eurostar seats is now faster, easier and more efficient than ever thanks to the Travelport Seat Map App for Eurostar. Uniquely available for our UK travel agents through Travelport Smartpoint.

Watch our short video to find out more about the Travelport Seat Map App for Eurostar and all the features it offers.

Connectivity solutions

Reduce your cost of complexity by reducing multiple API connections.

Travelport's Rail Content Service provides the expertise to connect to your API, lowering costs and complexity, making integration simple and effective and opening-up multiple travel agency API connections.

Connectivity solutions

Airport Express rail services

Travelport provides agents with fully-integrated airport express shopping and payment solutions.
For example, using the Airport Express plug-in for Travelport Smartpoint can help agencies boost revenue, save time and increase customer loyalty.

For more information, contact your Travelport representative or visit travelportmarketplace.com

Airport Express
"In order to reduce distribution and call handling costs, Amtrak uses the Travelport Booking App to make e-ticketing functionality available. The Travelport Booking App also opens up distribution to travel agencies outside the US, broadening their reach. Amtrak distributes content through Travelport Universal API and Travelport Smartpoint, helping them increase revenues and achieve sustainable growth. "


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