Travelport Search Control Console
Putting you in control of the search
for business performance

More control over the content you display

Travelers expect the options they’re presented with on websites, apps, booking tools, or by agents, to be personalized to their needs. Travel resellers also have supplier targets to meet, so need to prioritize certain fares over others from time to time. Travelport Search Control Console was designed with these needs in mind—putting control of the content you display to travelers directly in your hands.

This web-based, single user interface allows you to customize the content that’s presented to agents or travelers in any Travelport point of sale or API. You can prioritize content from specific suppliers and deliver the choices and experiences your customers expect, helping you drive conversion, boost customer loyalty, and exceed supplier agreements.


See how Travelport Search Control Console can help you exceed commercial targets and drive personalization.

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Drive sales towards preferred suppliers

Imagine you’re at 95% of your target with a preferred airline partners and you need to lift bookings ahead of your deadline. You can use Search Control Console to display a particular supplier’s offers more prominently in search results, helping you reach your targets and boost revenues.

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Promote the most profitable fares

Uplift your revenues by restricting non-profitable fares in search results. You can better manage margins with the ability to promote the most lucrative fares either by class or cabin or enhance your customers’ experience by promoting carriers that deliver the best service on particular routes.

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Control your content across channels

Build a consistent experience by ensuring the same content is available through all sales channels including your website, booking tool, or agency UI. Configure content by device, persona, channel, brand or market so you can deliver the most relevant content at speed—for example, prioritizing negotiated fares for corporate customers.

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Reduce developer time and costs

Reduce your reliance on developers by moving away from coding and into an easily managed, single control console. By controlling the logic yourself, you can cost-effectively manage your API sales channels and re-allocate the budget you would usually spend on coding and development.

Case Study

“We know which carriers deliver the best service on particular routes. We’ve brought this high up in our searches to save agents’ time and ensure we deliver the greatest possible value for customers traveling to those destinations.” Andrew Lazar, Senior Systems Engineer, Professional Travel

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