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Payment solutions: eNett VANs

eNett Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) are automatically generated MasterCard numbers that you can use to make secure provider payments. Since a unique number is used for each new booking or payment transaction, VANs are a secure way to pay or be paid. The Travelport and eNett partnership means that payments can be made directly within Travelport Smartpoint, saving you time and providing you with a new revenue stream.

Reduced risk

Reduce your risk of fraud with a unique VAN created for each booking you make. And because VANs are protected by the MasterCard payment guarantee, you'll never have to worry about supplier default again!


eNett VANs are fully integrated into the agent's workflow reducing handling times and automating reconciliation to create cost savings.



Gain access to even more content using a lower cost virtual card solution, and enjoy available rebates from the first transaction.

"eNett improves the payment process for travel agencies by addressing the risks of fraud or default, costs of reconciliation, and other inefficiencies that are prevalent in traditional payment methods used today."
Anthony Hynes , Managing Director and CEO, eNett International

Travelport Smartpoint

Having your payments integrated within the desktop will reduce your handling times. No more copying and pasting details over from one screen to another. We'll produce the VAN and provide all details in the form of payment fields.

Travelport Smartpoint

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The card might be virtual, but the benefits are very real. There are many reasons why choosing eNett VANs for your business could be the best decision you make this year.

eNett VANS

We're redefining travel payments

Find out why payment models had become outdated

Travelport has invested in and developed eNett to replace these outmoded forms of payment with their inefficiencies and risks, to convert the travel business to the use of Virtual Account Numbers or VANs.

eNett VAN

Find out how using eNett VANs are redefining travel payments