Be the agent who knows how to work smarter

Be the agent who knows
how to work smarter

Be more productive every day

Why waste valuable time on inefficient processes and laborious administration tasks, when you could be spending time with your customers to create their perfect travel experience. Designed to increase the productivity of everyday jobs such as Queue and PNR management, together with the seamless integration of our payment solution eNett VANs, Travelport Smartpoint will transform the way you work to maximize revenues, increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

Why eNett VANs are the smart way to pay

The Travelport and eNett partnership means that payments can be made directly within Travelport Smartpoint, saving you time and providing you with a new revenue stream.


eNett VANs - transforming the way travel agents pay travel providers and suppliers

We work with eNett International to provide an integrated business-to-business payment solution that uses Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) to make simple and secure global payments between travel agencies, travel providers and other suppliers.
With eNett VANs, your travel agency now has a way to pay that's more efficient, more secure and less open to fraud and currency fluctuations - all within a totally secure environment.
Travelport Smartpoint

Travelport Smartpoint tips and tricks

There’s much more to Travelport Smartpoint than meets the eye. From customizable workspaces, color-coded interactive screens, to a choice of cryptic or graphical user-interface, hover-over displays, improved PNR history and queue management; there’s a host of features that can assist you as a Travelport Smartpoint user.

Click below to become the travel agent who knows how to get the most out of Travelport Smartpoint with these useful tips and tricks.

Travelport Smartpoint

Find out how Travelport Smartpoint is redefining the selling experience