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Recovery Insights

Reconnecting the world

The comeback will be stronger than the setback. In travel, there’s too much at stake for it not to be. We’re no strangers to disruption, so COVID-19 won’t keep us down forever. Until then, Travelport developed this hub to help our entire industry manage the disruption. Whether you’re looking for safety information, supplier policy updates, insights on travel trends — or simply our point of view — you’ll find it all right here. A lot is in flux right now, but we are moving towards recovery.

On this you can rest assured: Travelport is here to support you.

COVID safety measures

Covid19People expect travel agents to know everything. During a pandemic, this goes far beyond finding the best deal. Travelers now also want the latest safety information, refund and exchange policy advice, destination updates, and more.

To support agencies, Travelport launched an app that shows and compares all the safety measures suppliers have in place. It’s regularly updated and features user-friendly icons, so you can quickly find and relay the information you need.

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Recovery Guide

Recovery Guide

People want to travel again. But what will reassure them that it’s safe to book —physically and financially?
Our guide investigates the influencing factors cited by travelers and compared them to what the industry is actually doing.

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Online Travel Agencies Guide

Online travel agencies guide

COVID-19 has transformed the Online Travel Agency customer journey. Are you up to speed or stuck with a plan that now feels out of touch? Our guide explains why assuring travelers matters more now across the board and how our OTA partners can adapt and rebound over the next 12-18 months.

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Hotel Retail Hub

Hotel Retail Hub

Travel restrictions are still very much in flux. And so, many travelers — itching to take trips again — are choosing domestic hotel stays. Our Hotel Hub provides agents with everything they need to get back to business with hotel sales.

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