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your tour packages


If you’re a tour operator looking to increase your reach, connecting to our platform will let you share your travel packages with approximately 68,000 global travel agency locations. As well as the opportunity to increase your customer base, we’ll give you innovative tools to promote your unique brand to targeted leisure buyers.

Looking for expanded visibility for your brand and increased revenue through operational efficiency?

Travelport’s distribution solutions are designed to meet your business and technology requirements. We provide the content and booking tools today’s travel professionals are looking for.

Increase revenue potential and expand your reach

Access the widest range of travel buyers worldwide. Our proven distribution systems are designed to deliver a higher level of online real-time access to your inventory and products.

Streamline your operational efficiency and capture new marketing opportunities

Travelport’s leisure team will assist you making the most of our innovative technologies to expand your global distribution visibility and increase revenue potential. 


Did you know?

The tour industry in Germany alone is valued at 26 million Euros.


New methods of connectivity, taking advantage of APIs that are flexible enough to work with your particular technologies, allow you to get booked more often and from anywhere in the world on our Travel Commerce Platform.

Connectivity solutions


Our travel-IT technology can help you manage contracted products - including allocations, discounts and extras. In order to sell tailored trips and packages quickly efficiently and accurately.

"Travelport is bringing with it real innovation that will transform or business for the long term. We plan to shake up the leisure sector and bring increased choice, flexibility and efficiency to tour operators, travel agencies and consumers."
Michael Kalt, CEO, travel-IT


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