Travelport Cares

Travelport Cares
Be the difference

Travelport is making a significant impact on the future of the travel industry. But we strive to do more, going beyond our business objectives to improve and grow the communities in which we live, work and play.

Using our skills, energy and passion, our employees are contributing great things locally and globally that will make our world a better place. Travelport Cares gives us a focus on our local and global community activities.

Let’s be the difference

Travelport Cares has the full support of our senior leadership team. We’re serious about making a positive impact in the world and helping do good in our community. 

Gordon Wilson says, “Travelport Cares brings our people together to give something back to the world which gives us so much. Its purpose is to encourage everyone to be the difference, get involved, and go further." 

Together we can achieve something amazing.

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Our approach

We’ve developed a philosophy that brings all our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts together into three key strands:


We want to help develop challenged and underrepresented people by equipping them for careers in the travel and technology industries.

Travelport is committed to helping challenged and underrepresented people by equipping them for careers in the travel and technology industries. We’re always exploring new partnerships, and we currently have the following initiatives in place:


Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP)

Travelport is a board member of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP).  The GTTP is a multi-country educational program designed to introduce students to career opportunities in travel and tourism. To date, more than a million and a half students in twelve countries have participated in the GTTP. School systems provide teachers and classrooms; local and international companies provide financial and in-kind support.


Careers in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM)

We provide direct financial support for charitable campaigns to encourage the participation and success of people who aren't traditionally involved in STEM fields through organizations like UK WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and similar initiatives in other key regions.



Our new UK Apprenticeship Program develops potential talent from non-traditional backgrounds and gives them an opportunity with a company that thrives on development and innovation.

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We support our employees in taking part in individual and collective work to engage and fundraise, addressing global and local social issues.

We have a wealth of passion, skills and expertise within Travelport, so we want to help leverage them for the benefit of the communities and people outside of our organization through the following:


Give 150%

We’re inspiring our employees in their fundraising efforts by adding another 50% to money they collect over £100 (or $100) and up to £1,000 (or $1,000) for an eligible charity. We plan to expand this initiative further in the coming years.


Make Your Mark Days

We’re freeing up our people to do good by offering them a Make Your Mark Day. Open to anyone who’s been with us for over 6 months, it’s one day’s paid leave per year to carry out a charitable activity.


Local heroes

Across Travelport we have CSR champions (or local heroes) to drive and coordinate the amazing work we’re doing. And we reward and recognize one outstanding individual with a new annual “Community Service” Award through our employee recognition program.

Travelport Cares: Community


We’re determined to reduce our impact on the environment through innovation, best practices and using technology that allows us and our clients to go greener.

We all share the same planet, so we’re working hard to lessen Travelport’s impact on the environment through best practice and innovation in the following:


Carbon footprint

We’re working to reduce the carbon footprint created by our offices through initiatives such as:


Centralized printing

LED and sensored lighting

Paper-buster programs

Car sharing

Maximizing natural light


Data Centre

We'll continue efforts to improve the efficiency of systems and business processes to lessen the environmental impact associated with processing customer transactions.


Continuous improvement

We conduct regular audits of our facilities to see where we need to do more to be sustainable. That includes establishing energy consumption baselines and setting annual goals for environmental impact.


Helping others

We can also help our clients to go green by providing technology that allows them to reduce their environmental impact and offset the pollution created through travel.

Travelport Cares: Sustainability