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Agents of the future

How FDM Travel is using new tech for a more personal touch
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Customer: FDM travel
Channel: Travel agent
Product: Smartpoint

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FDM travel was looking for a solution that sped up response times and made use of smart automation and user-friendliness to allow agents to focus on customer service. Additionally, FDM travel wanted a travel technology partner where the road from idea to execution was very short. CEO Anders Iversen explains the partnership and experience FDM travel has when working with Travelport.

“Our partner since 2015, Travelport has proven to be innovative, agile and customer-focused. We regard Travelport as an innovative leader in its field and we are all very pleased with the level of customer service we receive from our local team. They understand our challenges and the market we operate in – we speak the same language. Furthermore, Travelport is a first mover on many innovative travel solutions and they help us stay ahead of the game.”

Focus on customer service

FDM travel’s strategy is to focus more on the personal service as an offline business can offer its customers.

“Travelport Smartpoint, with branded fares and ancillaries, makes it easy to communicate different options to our customers, improving our overall customer service. The personalized service we can now offer throughout the travel experience has allowed us to increase our upsells and conversions”

Agent and customer satisfaction

FDM travel’s product manager Lars Smedegaard describes how the features help agents deliver the best customer experiences.

“Travelport Smartpoint has proven to be the ideal tool because it’s user friendly and provides the ability to control the business with tools like Travelport Queue Control Console and Travelport Search Control Console. The product’s visual aspect is unique and an excellent tool in customer service as agents can easily show customers what the ticket includes and the ancillaries available. Our agents are very pleased with Travelport Smartpoint’s ease of use, detailed overviews and fast response times.”

A new generation of travel agents

Lars explains how Travelport Smartpoint helps with attracting and onboarding inexperienced agents easily and quickly.

“Due to Travelport Smartpoint’s intuitive interface, previous travel agent experience is no longer required. FDM refers to it as a new generation of travel agents. In fact, among their top 10 salespeople, four had no previous travel agency experience. With very little training, agents can start making travel bookings and we are therefore able to recruit people with no previous travel agency experience. As a business, we want to attract agents that are customer focused and who love to sell travel. Travelport Smartpoint is intuitive, logical and visually compelling. It’s ease-of-use has significantly improved the onboarding of new employees.”

Travelport is a first mover on many innovative travel solutions and they help us stay ahead of the game
Anders Iversen CEO, FDM Travel
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