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Travelport enables American Airlines NDC content across all platforms

Last week, American Airlines announced the shift of some of its content from traditional distribution channels to its NDC connections, starting on April 1, 2023. At Travelport, our number one commitment has always been to make sure our customers have access to all the content they need – regardless of airline, channel, or technology. In short, our philosophy is that if our agency partners need content, we provide it in a scalable, seamless, and serviceable manner.

The AA announcement is really no change from that promise, and our commitment to the market remains “any content, any time, anywhere.” In fact, we launched AA NDC content on our Travelport+ platform many months ago, and we were already transacting American content well in advance of last week’s announcement.

We started with the Travelport+ platform for obvious reasons – it is based on a fully modern microservices architecture, is cloud-first, and contains many of the features the modern travel agent values (features such as automated exchanges, advanced configurable flight search, and highly scalable order management). But we always recognized that some of our customers would not be fully deployed on the new platform, and that critical content would also need to be accessible through all platforms.

As such, we wanted to make it crystal clear to our customers that we will support the AA NDC rollout across all Travelport platforms — including Travelport+, Worldspan, and Apollo — ahead of the AA rollout of unique NDC content next year. All Travelport customers will have full access to the AA content through their NDC connection, regardless of which platforms they are using, in advance of April.


We remain a strong partner with American Airlines for their distribution of content. We were the first to engage AA on the deployment of their NDC connection and will continue to provide both AA and all of our agency customers with the best access to content and the best end-to-end customer experience.

Scott Laurence, Senior Vice President of Partnership Strategy at American Airlines, added, “Travelport has been an agile partner and was out in front in their release of American’s NDC content via Travelport+, a key part of our distribution strategy. Enabling American’s NDC across all platforms is another testimony to the partnership that we have enjoyed.”

Stay tuned to this channel for more details in the coming weeks. And in the meantime, enjoy your holidays, and have a wonderful new year.

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