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Ready to get modern?

Travelport+ is the only modern retailing platform built for travel agencies. Because unlike other technology, Travelport+ puts the agent (the retailer) first. It’s easy-to-use, fast, and delivers the high-caliber experiences today’s travelers expect. We’re talking more personalization, better self-service, and simpler trip management. With more flights, rooms, and car options than you can shake a stick at.

Great retailing drives growth

Ready to get up, up, and away?
Travelport+ helps agencies take off, with modern retailing tools that
help boost sales, optimize revenue, and keep customer satisfaction sky high.

Ready to get up, up, and away?
Travelport+ helps agencies take off, with modern retailing tools that
help boost sales, optimize revenue, and keep customer satisfaction sky high.

Easier Operations

Modern retailing isn’t just about selling, it’s about making the workflow easier for everyone.
Customers expect businesses to be always on — but that doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Travelport+ empowers agents with tools to make things run like clockwork.

Smoother trip

Customer changed their mind? Needs to cancel, or add an extra? No biggie. Travelport+ empowers the agent to service customers when and where they need it — whether through the agent or via self-service. It’s made easy with automated exchange and refund capabilities that clearly explain options and fees. And, Travelport+ has tools to create and share personalized itineraries.


On Travelport+, work flows. Thanks to smarter automation, agents spend less energy on typically manual tasks, and get back more time to focus on customers instead. And, our real-time trip updates and self-service tools dramatically reduce the number of phone calls agents have to manage. All of this makes running a travel agency a whole lot easier.

Adding Value

68% faster

Significantly reducing payload

Average of 10%
more margin

For tickets issued through Net Fare Manager

833 hours
saved per year

Through more automation and self-service

Better workflow

Saving an average of 1.5 hours per day on manual tasks

300+ Branded
fare airlines

Spend less time on airline websites

19 Airlines
signed for NDC

And we’re not stopping there

Choose your route

Pick the route that suits you best

Smartpoint Cloud

Smartpoint Cloud gives agents and Travel Managers the right level choice, control, and transparency on what’s included in the offer. Helping your travelers stay within policy and making trip changes easier to manage.


Travelport APIs unlock the content you need to scale, with one simple, standards-based programming set of interfaces. They’re easy and quick to integrate, test, and go live — with instant, impressive results.

Corporate Booking Tool

Travelport+ integrates with all major Corporate Booking Tools to deliver a modern business travel experience. And we recently acquired Deem, a leading corporate travel management platform, with Travelport+ is a powerful union that offers business travelers and bookers the best of both worlds.



NDC is driving an explosion of offers, which sounds like a good thing. But the increase in options is making it harder for agents and travelers to find the right offer, clogging up recommendations and slowing down search speeds — leaving users confused, frustrated, and more likely to waste time.

Our latest product enhancement, powered by AI, simplifies the complex world of travel offers, and puts the control back in the hands of travel’s true retailers — agencies, helping them retail their way to increased customer satisfaction.

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