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Consumers expect great digital experiences. Experiences that are intuitive, frictionless, and fast. And while many other industries are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, travel retailing is lagging behind. But travel’s been an innovator in technology before, and it can lead again.

It’s time for our industry to undergo a huge transformation, and to enter The Modern Retailing Era.

Retail or die

People expect big things from digital retailers these days. And although there are pieces of modern retailing sprinkled throughout our industry, what’s missing is a truly modern end-to-end customer journey — which is vital for our industry to keep up with the standards that customers know and love elsewhere.

So travel has a choice: adopt modern retailing or become irrelevant. At Travelport, we believe travel agencies are best placed to create that modern retailing experience across the entire customer journey.

But modern retailing isn’t just good for agencies; in a modern retailing landscape, suppliers will see higher profits, happier customers, and an increase in customer lifetime value.


Visit dozens of websites
Compare tons of sources
Book through multiple websites

One modern travel agency.

How to become a modern retailer

Our framework for modern retailing sets out the five key areas of focus for travel agencies who strive to take their retailing standards to the next level.

Brand and

What are you offering? What sets you apart from your competitors? And, does all that resonate with your customers? Modern retailing can only happen if your brand’s unique value is clear, so this part of our framework underpins all the others.

Experience and

Truly modern retailers put the customer at the heart of the entire experience. Travel needs to match the standards seen in other industries, with a focus on keeping things simple, accessible, and convenient.

Content and

Modern retailing is about giving customers choice and helping them make decisions. It’s our view that only agencies can do this really well. But that means having the right content.


Retailing today is not what it was 20 years ago. Except in travel, because things haven’t really evolved. The modern approach is to prioritize what the customer needs, not what we want them to buy.

Data and

Data and technology are the great enablers for modern retailing. Customers expect fast, simple, and reliable experiences, but travel needs to make more use of modern technology to get more integrated.

Agencies, we've got your back


Travelport is the only tech company investing in making agencies better retailers.

Other platforms

Other platforms are built to optimize supply-side relationships. They are not focused on modern agency retailing.

And it's good news for suppliers

Modern retailing isn’t just good for travel agencies and consumers — it’s also good for suppliers.

46% of consumers say choice is the most important factor when selecting a travel provider. Modern retailing means giving customers the best choices across multiple suppliers, products, and ancillaries. And they’re likely to spend more if they find the perfect options.

Modern retailing also helps to set the right customer expectations, so they know what they’re buying no matter where they made the booking. That means happy customers boarding the plane, checking into the hotel, or picking up their car rental keys.

A platform for a new era of retailing

Travelport+ is the next-generation platform helping agencies deliver a modern retailing experience.

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