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Travel booking technology

For independent agencies

One size doesn’t fit all.

Independent travel agencies need different things from a travel technology partner. That’s why our suite of packages can be scaled to meet your requirements and will grow with you.

Choosing the right package

Travelport packages deliver the tools you need to search, book, and engage with your travelers. As you can see from the table below, different packages offer specific capabilities according to your agency size and needs. Our market leading point-of-sale Smartpoint® provides the perfect balance between cryptic-codes and a graphical user interface. This boosts productivity — whether you’re new to travel or you have a lifetime of experience — so you can get on with delighting your customers.

Our Essential package focuses on the basics. You’ll be more competitive, with fast search results, great fares and a wealth of air, hotel and car rental content. Our Advanced package includes all the above plus gives you more on the ticketing front — with more automation on refunds and exchanges. The Professional package goes one step further, letting you optimize your operations with tools to manage special fares, negotiate fare contracts, and set up rules to control content. And all this is made available through a single, easy-to-use interface.

Essential package
You’re probably not IATA bonded, and you rely heavily on Consolidators for fares and ticketing.

Advanced package
You’re probably IATA bonded, have one or two carrier deals, and use consolidators for much of the rest of your business.

Professional package
You’re IATA bonded, have a few carrier deals, and you have a team of agents helping you grow your business.

Quickly search and book flights (including low-cost carrier), hotels and car hire
Easily book flight extras, holiday extras and ground arrangements
Queue bookings to your favored consolidators, all from the same interface
Get travel booking information straight to your travelers’ PCs
Automate ticket exchanges to save your agents’ time
Automate e-ticket refunds, so you don’t miss out on funds you’re due
Manage negotiated fare contracts and mark-ups to private net fares

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