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Smartpoint Cloud

Introducing Smartpoint Cloud, the storefront that transforms the experience of selling and servicing trips.





Getting modern just got easier. Introducing Smartpoint Cloud, the storefront that transforms the experience of selling and servicing trips. It’s the easiest, fastest way to access content on Travelport+, the only travel retailing platform designed with agents in mind. Its upgraded interface helps you earn more, wow customers, and stay on top of your game. And, since it sets you up to be a modern retailer, you’ll stay strides ahead of the rest, without breaking a sweat.

Giving you the
competitive edge

When it comes to modern retailing, Smartpoint Cloud helps you stay one step ahead of other agencies. It makes everything easier, from training teams, to creating tailored packages, to upselling like a pro. And it lets you access top quality travel content from multiple sources, including NDC. Nice.

Ultra-fast Upskilling

Smartpoint Cloud has an intuitive interface that’s so straightforward anyone can use it – whether you’re a seasoned agent or just getting started. This makes training a piece of cake, keeping your business ready for anything.

Superior Selling

Smartpoint Cloud lets agents create tailored air, hotel, car, and rail packages. It provides easy NDC access, simplifies offer comparison, and eliminates the need to check multiple supplier websites. Confident decision-making? Check.

Extra Earning Power

Just like a trusty map, Smartpoint Cloud shows agents what’s needed every step of the way. Rich ancillaries make for easier upselling, while smoother trip servicing creates even more revenue for your agency.

Removing the

The wonder of Cloud is you can access your workspace anytime, anywhere. And there’s no manual software updates — Smartpoint Cloud does the hard work, so agents can focus on selling and servicing.

Time-saving Technology

Smartpoint Cloud’s productivity tools give agents more time to focus on making customers happy. Our better workflows make work flow better, so you spend less time calling help desks and more time on the right things.

Accurate, Automated Exchanges

Smartpoint Cloud offers enhanced exchange capabilities that make the entire process easier. And, because you don’t have to manually calculate costs, there’s less risk of a fine for getting it wrong.

Satisfying all

Smartpoint Cloud is fast, modern, and designed to meet the needs of all agents. It helps agents get the job done, regardless of experience level, business size, or trip type.

Work your way

Whether you’re a graphical user interface superfan or a classic codes crusader, Smartpoint Cloud lets you choose the setup and view style that you like best.

One workspace

Gone are the days of flicking between multiple screens or searching on supplier websites. Smartpoint Cloud brings you everything in one handy place.

What our customers say

Smartpoint Cloud allows our agents to have access to all travel content, including NDC, in a modern web-based interface that allows them to work anywhere, on any device, anytime. It’s clear Travelport understands what modern retailing should look like and this will be a game changer.

Mike Cameron
Christopherson Business Travel
Christopherson Business Travel

We have seen the direction Travelport is taking towards supporting modern retailing. The Smartpoint Cloud and Travelport+ solution is really compelling and advanced.

Anthony Rader
Director of Airline Retailing Technology
American Airlines
American Airlines

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Looking for a wide range of travel offers? Look no further. Travelport+ delivers the goods regardless of source (direct, NDC, OTA) and we’re constantly adding more to the platform.

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