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Everything under control

Welcome to your all-inclusive destination for managing everything Travelport. MyTravelport is a self-service portal where agents and suppliers can access key insights, find tools, and request support — all through a single sign-on. And, since no two customers are the same, MyTravelport can be set up to complement your role or function.

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Why MyTravelport

Tools and insights

Yes, most travel platforms have a self-service portal. But MyTravelport offers so much more. It’s your central source of training, support requests, and insights. It also lets you download and manage all Travelport products and approved third-party solutions.

More control

MyTravelport puts you in control. There’s no waiting around — it empowers you to get what you need when you need it. So you can carry out operations faster, work smarter, make informed decisions, get support, and improve business performance.

Easy onboarding

Onboarding staff is simpler with MyTravelport. Admins can manage profiles and access permissions, and also have instant access to eLearning, support, and chat features. Making it easier to get started or retrain, with minimal fuss.

Single sign-on

Who needs more passwords to forget? MyTravelport lets you log on with your existing Travelport ID, so there’s no need to access multiple apps and passwords. It really couldn’t be easier.

MyTravelport Features

MyTravelport puts you in the driver’s seat. These features give you the power to easily access what you need, helping decision-making and improving business performance.

  • Single sign on for all Travelport web-based applications
  • Self-service on/off boarding, administration of all users and account profile permissions, and manage organization settings
  • Access to performance data, bills, and payments
  • Access to Travelport’s knowledge base and training
  • View alerts, news and events
  • Create support requests

What our customers are saying

Travelport’s people always look to do things differently, and keep agents in mind

Eric Hall Senior Manager of Strategy and Relations
The Game Changer

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