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Simplifying global travel retailing

Why TAG upgraded to Travelport+
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Customer: The Appointment Group
Channel: Travel Management Company
Product: Travelport+

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The Appointment Group is a global independent travel specialist. It caters for everyone, from getting investment bankers to important meetings, to making sure rock stars arrive on time to play their biggest gigs (cool, huh?). When it comes to travel, touring, and events, it makes the impossible possible. But that’s not an easy task, and requires the best technology to help with the challenge.

Gabrielle Carr, COO of TAG, explains how Travelport+ helps to make it happen. In this video she explains why upgrading has been a game changer, and how it’s had an instant positive impact on the business.

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Upgrading to Travelport+ has been a game changer for TAG. The process was simple, and it instantly had a positive impact on our business
Gabrielle Carr Chief Operating Officer, The Appointment Group
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