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Retail Toolkit – Chapter 1 – EN

Chapter 1

Hello better retailing


Your retail toolkit is here

Say hello to the latest Travelport+ release bringing better tools for better retailing. Agents get everything they need to deliver stellar customer experiences, with more to sell, more personalization, and more data – all accessible through a smarter storefront. Travelers get more control thanks to self-service exchanges. And suppliers can now attract and inspire customers by creating irresistible bundles and promoting the best offers.

Air Cache

Enhanced by robotics, our air cache data is designed to help you inspire customers and drive demand, with insights to tailor your retailing approach.

Self-service Exchanges

Agents can source suitable alternatives and check eligibility for easy, customer-led exchanges — all backed by our fare guarantee.

Intelligent Storefront

A suite of features to help you deliver a modern retail experience to your customers, with faster, more detailed search capabilities.

NDC Content

Access to all the best available prices, more personalized trips, and additional fare options.


Quicker and easier to develop to, our JSON API is the gateway to current and upcoming Travelport+ capabilities.

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