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Upgrading is easy

How Travelport+ helps Sky-tours stay one step ahead
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Customer: Sky-tours
Channel: Travel Partner & Agency
Product: Travelport+

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Sky-Tours is a global travel agency that provides customers with a personalized service, a user-friendly booking engine, and some of the lowest fares around. It takes pride in embracing change and pioneering new technologies — so upgrading to Travelport+ was a clear choice.

Rudolph Sieberlich, Sky-Tours Founder and CEO, told us how its partnership with Travelport is keeping the business at the forefront of innovation. In this video, you’ll hear why he’s excited about Travelport APIs, Air Cache, and our self-service tools. And, you’ll find out just how easy upgrading is.

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Why upgrade? Travelport’s exciting vision for APIs, crowd-sourced shopping data via Air Cache, and self-service tools. All of this made us want to embrace the change.
Rudolph Seiberlich Founder and CEO, Sky-tours
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