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Peak Productivity – Chapter 3

Latest release



Unlocking peak productivity through self-service

Say hello to the latest Travelport+ release that’s saving time and creating more value for everyone. Agents get more automation to eliminate manual tasks and help focus on customers instead. Travelers have more options, thanks to new airline connections delivering more offers and new ancillaries. And all this autonomy benefits suppliers too, through more sales and less servicing.

Better workflow automation

A new self-service tool manages typically time-consuming manual tasks, letting agents focus on customers instead.
Better workflow automation

Greater support

More self-service lets developers and agents access help when and where they need it, through our new developer portal and upgraded MyTravelport.
Greater support

Even wider content choice

More airline connections, more NDC offers, and more ancillaries means tons more to sell, and that creates a whole lot of value for everyone.
Even wider content choice

Powering Peak Productivity

Right now, staff shortages mean travel agencies have to do more with less.
We’re helping them keep travelers happy through modern customer support.

Insight: How modern support takes the pressure off busy agents

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